SIFA - Steelwool Industry

Other more unique applications are that of a filter medium for extraction of precious metals ie. gold & silver, brake fibre for the manufacture of metallic and semi metallic brake pads and concrete reinforcement fibres for engineering works.

We are an Australian owned company and proudly support Australian suppliers. The production of Steelwool does not involve any chemicals, neither are there any emissions into the atmosphere.

Our company's objective is to promote and supply our products to a diverse market and ensure long term growth.

Sifa Pty. Limited is a family owned and operated company that was established in 1982. Our company manufactures steelwool and related products.

Our products are of the highest quality and we pride ourselves on the level of service we provide to our customers. Our product range has expanded over the years in response to ever increasing demand for new products.

Steelwool is commonly recognised as an abrasive used for domestic cleaning; however, its applications are much more extensive. It is utilised in metal workshops, plumbing applications and critical in wood & antique restoration.